Oxford Hill

Digitally-Native Disruption

Oxford Hill disrupts the haircare industry with their use of nature’s highest performing ingredients and zero harsh chemicals.

Case Study

A new visual language.

We were pumped to be a part of the launch process of the crew’s first product, Bentonite Hair Clay.

Case Study


The team was looking for visual content for their website launch including standard photography representing all angles of the product and creative photography to use for the brand's site banners and marketing collateral.

Case Study


Since the disruptive nature of the brand derives from its ingredients, we took a conceptual approach to showcasing the product with lava rocks, honey and shea butter.

Case Study

Post Production

Forms and features are captured with a progressive and innovate approach from different angles and with models in future-forward fashion.

Case Study


Working within the needs of the brand, our team was able to capture these images to allow for text, specific crops, and alignments, to be used on their website. These carefully crafted photos were easily transformed into dynamic infographics and homepage headers.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Tags: Conceptual, 360, Ecommerce

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