Scent Beauty Valentine’s Day

Going Out to Smell the Roses

The well-formulated branding of Scent Beauty takes advantage of all opportunities, crafting creative concepts for Holidays, events, and special days unique to their celebrity collaborations.

A Day in the Life

Petal by Petal

Looking to capture pure romantic attraction from scent alone, Scent Beauty tasked us with portraying, not only the romantic side of perfume, but the science behind it as well, hoping to assist their clientele in experiencing “Love At First Scent.”

A Day in the Life


Taking from Scent Beauty’s well-researched creative directions, we collaborated to find specific flowers, ingredients, and accents to craft eye-catching Valentine’s Day photo and video.

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life


In creating this Valentine’s Day spread, our team found ways to emphasize the romantics of Valentine’s Day gifting, while also highlighting certain scents, acknowledging the scientific behind sniffing.

A Day in the Life

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