Body Armor

Leaning into our Stride

The quickly scaling beverage company, Body Armor, has revolutionized the Sports Drink industry, providing superior hydration to active athletes everywhere.

A Day in the Life

No Days Off

The Body Armor team was looking to create visuals that their audience could resonate with, particularly their “everyday athlete” clientele. Using a particular lifestyle, environment, and models, our team looked to showcase an athlete’s afternoon workout or off-season training session, through both in-studio and location photography.

A Day in the Life


Energized to take on the athletic industry, we set out to find the best location, models, and set pieces in order to capture the authentic scenario in which Body Armor would be found.

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life


By crafting scenes specific to their goals, we set out to capture athletes in a realistic nature, in alignment with their brand narrative.

A Day in the Life


These lifestyle visuals, created for social media and online advertisements, not only align with their current branding but will also easily transition from past visuals, keeping the Body Armor narrative aligned.

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