Less is More

Aiding in development for beauty and wellness brands, Black Apothecary Office has been collaborating with start-up companies to help unify a new generation of consumer products and service entrepreneurs.

A Day in the Life

Getting Dynamic

Interested in experimenting with minimalist concepts for their visual narrative, this project was an opportunity to take a simple yet dynamic approach to their product display.

A Day in the Life


Using textures and motion, our team was able to produce coordinating images and GIFs that sought to portray the modern and innovative ideals behind BAO, setting the tone for clean, minimalist, and visually conceptual ecommerce brands.

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life


To continue the variety of content throughout our work for BAO, we opted to create GIFs. These visuals help catch a consumers eye and are carefully composed to match the other media created.

A Day in the Life

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