Sized Specifically For Your Needs

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Product photography is the visual storytelling component of your brand. We start all creative shoots with a discovery call to ensure seamlessness between who you are, who you’re for, and where you desire to be. This informs the narrative relayed in your photography. The main creative pieces include:

– A mood board which establishes a uniform approach to visual themes including but not limited to lighting, composition, styling, props, color motifs

– A shot list that breaks down each photo output in detail to provide exact direction for the shoot

Pre Production

After we’ve confirmed the creative direction for your shoot, then begins the planning for all logistical elements surrounding your production.

This could include: location books, vendor bookings, prop purchases.


Depending on the scope of your shoot, the set up could happen the morning of your production or multiple days before.

During the shoot, you will be asked to have a representative responsible for compositional approvals for creative-heavy shots.

Post Production

The retouching and internal review process is as important to us as the production. Our photographers triple in creative, technical, and retouching expertise, so your product is shot seamlessly with the final photo vision in mind from start to finish. Before we deliver, our team reviews your photos on multiple screens for color accuracy.


We want to make sure your photos are sized optimally for use across all your main visual platforms. We shoot to deliver with your main photo placement in mind to ensure ideal composition and crop and alter for usage across additional channels determined on our kick-off. These could include Social media, all eCommerce platforms, catalogs, and other print collateral. Photos are delivered online via FTP.



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